Natural Thin Stone by Southwest Stone

Thin Stone is the perfect material to apply virtually anywhere with no footing required. 

I have compiled a few questions I have been frequently asked about our Thin Stone:

Where can I install Southwest Thin Stone?
Southwest Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface with the proper preparation. It fits nearly any building plan, large or small, interior or exterior, residential and commercial or remodel. 

Why choose Southwest Thin Stone? 

Believability is the most important characteristic of Southwest Stone and the most compelling reason why so many architects, builders and home owners choose us. The warmth and richness of our thin stone creates a unique space of permanence and beauty inside and out. 

Can I install Southwest Stone myself? 
Competent installers with experience installing stone and veneer products find Southwest Stone easy to install. Some, with installation knowledge, have been able to install our stone. However, it is best to trust a professional. 

What are the benefits of using natural stone compared to manufactured stone?
* Never fades 
* Is permanent 
* Requires zero maintenance
* Patinas with age 
* Is accepted by most architectural review committees 
* Increases the value of the building 
* Dramatically more favorable freeze-thaw durability 

Does Southwest Stone meet code requirements?

All Southwest Stone products comply with applicable building code requirements.

Is the color of natural stone consistent from batch to batch?

Natural stone is graded in color and size, so the basic color possibilities within a pallet stay the same. However, as different formations are mined, some shifts in color are possible. The beauty is in the fact that each piece is original, which means no two projects will ever be identical. 

Is our Thin Stone a green product? 
Yes it is. And it is also manufactured in a green facility. Southwest Stone utilizes rain water to run our stone saw. Then we filter and recycle that same water for other operations in our facility. We also recycle all of our motor oil to heat our plant in the winter months, and use energy saving lighting. 

What is the weight factor per square foot?

Our natural thin stone should weight 10 to 13 pounds per square foot, generally cut between 3/4" and 1-1/2" thick. However, special cuts are available. Our thin stone qualifies as an adhered veneer because it weighs less than 15 lbs. per square foot. 

Are there cost advantages when using thin stone versus full size veneer? 

* Thin stone will install two to three times faster than full size stone resulting in huge labor savings. 
* No special foundation is required for thin stone, unlike full size stone.
* If you are using full size stone on a project and come to a place where structural support would be necessary, you can transfer to thin stone to match the rest of the project, without incurring additional structural cost.
* Freight, you can get up to six times more coverage in a truck load, than full stone veneer.

For more information or questions about our stone contact:

Southwest Stone Sales Department

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